Moving? Learn When to Call a Removals Company in the North East

Ah moving! Should you do it yourself? Or should you hire some help? In this article, we will help you determine if you should go at it solo, and when to call a removals firm in the North East. 

Ask Yourself These Questions When Considering Using a Mover

How Much Are You Moving?

If you are moving a lot of cumbersome items, working with a mover will be your best bet. Movers are experts in packing, lifting and getting all of your stuff transported as efficiently as possible. They might only need to make one trip in what could take you six.

How Far Are You Going?

When to Call a Mover - how far are you moving?If you are moving to the other side of town, or even across the county, doing the move by yourself might be the way to go. However the further you go, the more logistics become involved.

Costs go up exponentially the further away you are moving. Why? Because moving across the country can be hard work! Think of it this way: would you rather save money? Or would you rather save time? How much is your time worth?

Are You Comfortable Behind The Wheel?

And not just behind the wheel of a car… Moving trucks can vary in size, but the bigger the better. If you have a lot of stuff, then you will need something big. Are you comfortable with this? Driving a large van is very different to driving a car and takes some getting used to.  Especially with all that weight in the back!

You will save quite a bit of money moving your items yourself. However, you need to make sure you will be comfortable driving a truck of this size, especially through urban areas with tight streets and lots of stop/starting.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

If you are moving across the country with a large moving truck, you are looking at a process that will take considerably longer than it would in a car. You will need to stop more for fuel and overall, you will be driving much slower than if you were driving just your vehicle. Plus, driving a heavily laden van requires much more concentration so make sure you factor in more rest breaks.

Once you factor in the time packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking… you might want to consider bringing in the pros. Professional movers are adept and efficient when it comes to getting you moved in quickly. They’re also used to spending a long time behind the wheel of a van.

Will You Have Any Help?

If you are moving across town, you will likely be able to recruit (bribe) some friends or family to help you out. If you are moving to a new city entirely, you might not have that support base of people willing to help you out. Almost certainly not on the unpacking end! Moving is tough, and if you are doing it all on your own, be prepared for some hard work ahead!

A couple of things to remember:

  • Keep items you will need right away with you. Pack a suitcase as if you were going on a long trip. Keep toiletries, clothes, items for work/school and other daily items close by. There can be delays and other unexpected things when moving, so be prepared. This is especially important if you have kids.
  • The big risk with moving companies is if your house doesn’t complete on the day it was supposed to (happens all the time!) If they have a booking the following day then they are unable to stick around, and you will most likely still have to pay them. This is the biggest risk when using removals companies.
  • You might also consider moving important items in your car, and leave the furniture to the pros.
  • And when it comes to your furniture: If it is more expensive to ship than it’s worth, leave it behind. You will be better off selling or donating the item, and replacing it once you are in your new city. Besides, it can be nice to get some new stuff when you get to a new house; it helps you settle in quicker.

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