How Our Home Buying Process Works

Get A Cash Offer In 3 Easy Steps

3 Steps to a FREE, No Obligations Cash Offer

We make the process for you to sell your house as easy as possible. Here’s how it works when we break it down into 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Fill Out This Form or Call us on 0191 462 0160


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Step 2: We’ll give you a call for a quick chat

Once we’ve got your details we’ll give you a call to have a quick chat about your situation (this usually takes about 5 minutes). This is so we can make sure that our offer will actually help you given your circumstances. After this call we’ll get right to work on formulating your offer.

Step 3: We’ll call you with and let you know roughly where our offer will be and book your one and only viewing

We’ll let you know where our offer is likely to be, and if you’re happy with where that is we’ll book you in for a viewing. You’ll have an official offer from us within 48 hours of the viewing, followed up in writing. Remember theres no obligation and its 100% free.

That’s It! Getting A Cash Offer Is That Easy!

You probably have some questions about how it works when we buy houses in cash! Here’s the most common ones we get:

What Do We Consider To Formulate Your Offer?

What Are The Little Details When We Buy Houses?

How Long Does It Take?

Where Do We Buy Houses?

What We Consider When We Buy Houses

Meet Sam and Chloe. It will be one of these guys who you’ll speak to about your offer. Their goal is to give you the strongest possible offer so we can buy your house. To do that we need to understand your needs, such as…

⏰ How quickly do you want to sell?

πŸ€” Why are you selling?

🚢 What is your next step?

πŸ’΅ How much do you need to walk away with to achieve your next step

🏚 What is the condition of the property

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ What’s important to you when you sell?

Learning about your situation is how we form an offer that’ll work for you. We know that it’s never a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to something as big as to sell your house fast.

All The Little Details Of How It Works

πŸ’° We buy houses without agents, so you will NOT pay commissions!

πŸ›  We purchase properties in ANY condition – No matter what’s wrong with the house, you don’t have to fix anything or even clean it

πŸ’΅ We pay ALL the legal fees required to sell – There are no fees for you whatsoever

πŸ’Έ We pay cash for houses – this way there are no hassles with like working with a bank or doing inspections. It also means that our offers WON’T fall through!

⏰ We can complete on your timescale – no matter how fast or slow you need

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ We buy houses ‘creatively’ – When a cash offer isn’t the best solution for you, this is a great way that we can give you more for houses if you are willing to take the money over time.

How Quickly Can You Get Cash In Your Hand?

It’s Up To You! As Fast Or As Slow As You Need!

How Fast To Get An Offer

We can give you an offer in as little as 30 minutes after getting your information. The offer will still be subject to viewing the property but if you need something more certain, we can be out to your house for a viewing the next day if that’s what you need. We truly work on your schedule.

How Fast To Get Paid

Again, this is going to be up to you! Are you trying to complete quickly and have your money in 7 days? No problem. Or, maybe you need 60-90 days so you can find a new house and get your ducks in a row before you relocate? It makes no difference to us! We’re adaptive and will line the deal up so its convenient for you.


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