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Dan Chapman – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“We recently sold our house to North East House Buyers and I can’t recommend them enough. Chloe was great to deal with and nothing was of any hassle to her whenever I contacted them. I had an offer on the house the very next working day and everything was completed very smoothly afterwards. Very professional

Big Thanks Again.”

Case Study – House Won’t Sell On The Open Market

A Property We Worked on in South Shields

Elise had been trying to sell her home for 2 years on the open market as well as being in and out of auctions. Over this time several sales had fallen through, resulting in extra legal costs. Both the vendor and agent were puzzled as to why this was happening. The property was empty, meaning that it had deteriorated over this time. There were serious damp issues causing mounting damage to the property. Needless to say this property was a huge source of stress and worry for the owner.

We spoke to the homeowner, took all of the property details and arranged a viewing. As part of our situation evaluation we discovered that the lease on the property was very short, making the property un-mortgageable and this was one of the reasons for the fall-throughs. Due to our knowledge and experience, we knew exactly how to solve this problem and that is exactly what we did! We made a fair offer that they were happy with and completed quickly as they requested. Over 2 years of hardship and stress were finally put to an end. Needless to say, it was a weight off her shoulders.

Case Study – House Needs Too Much Work

Adam and his family inherited a property from their relative that needed a bit of an update. The family decided to tackle this on their own, so they could get a little bit more when they sold. After 2 years of hard work, they had managed to rip everything out and install a new boiler. By this time there had been tensions in the family over the distribution of this work. This eventually lead to massive arguments and it was clear that the project would tear the family apart.

That’s when they contacted us and we were able to give them a fair offer to buy this property from them. We managed to complete within 28 days. This was great news for the owners as they could walk away from the stress and arguments, moving on with their lives happy.

Adam Ball – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Chloe was amazing. We had a really hard time selling the property but Chloe was so lovely and despite the condition of it they bought it off us as promised and communicated all the way through. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

A Property We Worked on in Jarrow

Case Study – Need To Work On Your Timeframe

Margaret and David were stuck in a chain when their buyer pulled out at the last minute. This meant that they were at risk of not being able to buy their dream home. Luckily, they contacted us and we were able to move quickly. Viewing the house and giving them a fair cash offer that they were happy to accept. We got everything ready so that we could complete when they needed us to, and done exactly that. This meant they could buy their dream home after all despite the stress and worry caused because of their buyer pulling out.


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