4 Reasons Why Summer House Selling Isn’t Ideal in the North East

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer? If so, make sure you read this blog post right away because you may want to reconsider! Here are 4 reasons why summer house selling isn’t ideal in the North East…

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you might be wondering if summer is the best time to sell, or whether you should wait and sell it later. Here are 4 reasons why summer house selling isn’t ideal in the North East (plus the one thing you should do instead)…

4 Reasons Why Summer House Selling Isn’t Ideal In the North East

Reason #1. It’s Hot

Reasons Why Summer House Selling Isn't Ideal is hotIt’s summer. So, of course, it’s nicer weather outside! People are out and about, enjoying the weather. People just aren’t really thinking about moving so much.

And the buyers who do come to your house will be very critical of just how cold (or not cold) your property is… Especially with all these heatwaves we are getting!

Reason #2. The Sales Process is Slow

Everything from the valuing, marketing, all the way through to the mortgage applications, and searches are slower in the summer. Everyone is off on holiday! Agents. solicitors, and everyone else is away. it’s likely even that your buyer will head off too. How likely is it that they’ll be returning their forms promptly from a beach in Turkey!

Things just move slower in the summer as people take time to enjoy life and the weather.

Reason #3. There Are Fewer Buyers

In the summer, most people are taking holidays and getting away from their busy lives. The kids are out of school and time off from work has been booked so people want to take their families away on a well deserved holiday. Therefore, there are fewer people in the market to buy houses.

Reason #4. There Are More Sellers

Even though there are fewer buyers, many sellers love selling in the summer because they think it’s more convenient. Plus they think (wrongly) that it’s the best time to buy as people are happier. Therefore, you’re not just competing for fewer buyers to look at your house, you’re competing against more sellers. Therefore, it’s harder to sell your house and even harder to sell it at a price you want.


If you want to sell your house, but you’re thinking about selling it in the summer, you may want to rethink that plan. Here are 4 reason why summer house selling isn’t ideal in the North East, but there are other reasons too.

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