5 Tips For Moving With Kids in the North East

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, moving with kids can be stressful on both you and them! Luckily, the move doesn’t have to be painful for anyone!

Check out our tips for moving with kids, and make your relocation a breeze! 

Tips For Moving With Kids!

Nobody likes saying goodbye. Not to their friends and not to the house they know and love. Moving can be especially hard for children who may not fully comprehend the reasons why you are moving or the reasons why the move will actually be better for them in the long run.

Tip #1: Talk To Them

As soon as the move is a definite go, share the news with your kids. Make them feel apart of everything, and openly discuss the new and exciting changes about to happen.

Reassure your children that all of their possessions, books, toys etc., will all be coming with them and share all of the wonderful and exciting benefits of the move.

Make them feel that it will be an adventure, full of new things, friends, and places to explore! Kids are naturally curious and outgoing, use this to make it into an exciting adventure. Look how quickly they’re ready to help with the boxes too when it’s framed like this.

Tip #2: Get to Know Your New House

If the house is nearby, get your kids excited by going to see it. Let them see their rooms and have them plan out how they want to decorate.

If you’re moving further away, show them lots of pictures and use google to learn all about the area. Maybe take a weekend break in the area to allow everyone to explore.

You could even draw out the room, and let them decide how they want their furniture arranged.

Make a note of out of school clubs too, what sports teams are there nearby. These things offer a great way for kids to meet new, likeminded people quickly and develop great relationships with them. If they currently don’t participate in any where you currently live, this may be a great opportunity to get them involved. Who knows, maybe they’ll turn into the next Jack Grealish!

Tip #3: Let Them Help With Packing

Make sure younger kids know that their stuff is being packed up and moved and not being thrown away. Older kids might understand the process, but it may be more difficult for little ones to grasp.

Let them help pack up their toys and then have them decorate their boxes so they will be easily recognisable after the move. Kids love little tasks and feeling like they’re helping, decorating their boxes can be a great way to do this, while keeping them distracted as you get to the real work! As much as possible, try to get their items and room set up first, even if it means ordering pizza and keeping your kitchen in boxes for a couple days. It’s so important that they feel settled.

Having that sense of familiarity will help keep their anxiety down.

Tip #4: Get to Know The Neighbours and the New Area

As soon as possible, become a part of your new community. Introduce yourself to the neighbours. Invite people on your street over for a house warming party. Or at least just knock on the door and say hello, maybe with a bottle of wine…

Participate in local activities that will allow both you and your kids to make new friends. If your child is on the shy side, talk to them about making new friends and help them think of ways to break the ice with the kids at their new school.

Again, local sports teams could be great for this.

Tip #5: Keep Your Routines

Do you always get ice cream on Saturday afternoons? Or maybe you spend Sunday mornings at the park? Do you always go to the game on Saturday? Whatever routines you can keep, you should do so.

Try to remain consistent with meal times and bedtimes. Keeping kids in their routine will help keep them calm and will help you feel a sense of order. Although this can be challenging when they’re excited about the new environment!

Always remember, while moving might be hard on you, it might be even harder on your kids. As much as possible, stay positive with them and make the whole process a grand adventure. Ensure you stay attentive to them no matter how stressful it is; connect with them on their level, and check in on them often as you would an adult. Make the process fun and memorable and as stress-free for them as possible. (It will help you feel more relaxed too!)

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