Check out our Newly Stickered Vans!

At North East House Buyers we are always on the road all over the North East, doing all things property!

Viewing houses, refurbishing them, renting them, sometimes selling them, and much more! Doing all of these things across the enormous area we cover; from Northumberland to Durham, and everywhere in between, we are constantly on the road. Meaning these poor vans get some serious miles done!

So, we thought we would treat them to some new stickers to say thanks. While also spreading the word of the work we do across the region. After all, we can’t help people who don’t know we exist!

Check them out in the pictures. We’re very happy with how they came out! The red van is Ali’s, he is one of the guys who does any necessary viewings (for more information on our hassle-free process, head to How It Works). It’s actually an ex Royal Mail van, and still to this day Ali keeps getting waves from random post men while driving around, despite having removed all of the stickers! It’s even got to the point now where he actually just waves at them first in order to pre-empt it. Well, that’s what he says anyway, we think he just likes pretending to be a post man…

The smaller white van belongs to Ceri who runs the property lettings side. All the properties we purchase in the local area go straight back to the local community in the form of high quality, affordable rentals once we’ve carried out any necessary refurbishment works. Ceri shoots around in this little “White Rocket” as she calls it, meeting tenants, arranging viewings, and helping all our tenants in whatever way she can! Check out our Facebook page for more information about what we do with the properties after we have purchased them.

Overall, we are super happy with how the vans look. In case you were wondering, the stickers were supplied by the good people over at – if you’re ever looking for the highest quality vinyl stickers, and fun-loving designs then look no further! We love working with these guys; another friendly, local business just like us 😊 Why not give them a like and a follow on their Facebook page too

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